Apple Working on 3 iWatch Models

We have been hearing about Apple’s upcoming iWatch for some time now. A new source out of Taiwan has put the rumor wheels in motion again as they are saying that Apple will be launching the iWatch in 3 different models.

Apple iWatch

This is some very interesting information as normally when a company launches a product for the first time I will come in just a single version, maybe with different storage capacities. According to the leak from Taiwan Apple is working on 3 separate iWatch models. Two larger iWatch models will use a flexible Sapphire display, these models will be 1.8-inches. The third iWatch model will only be 1.6-inches and use a non-sapphire display. Maybe the non-sapphire model will be low-cost much like their iPhone 5C.

All three iWatch models are expected to launch in the third quarter or this year, perhaps in October. The iWatch will be pitted against Samsung’s Galaxy Gear and other smartwatches that are currently on the market.

Source: VR-Zone | News Archive

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