Pricing Revealed for Intel Haswell-E Processors

Intel is getting ready to release their Haswell-E high-end desktop (HEDT) processors. The Haswell-E is the newest greatest thing to happen in computing since dual cores came out over single and 64 bit replaced 32 bit or even sliced bread.. Naa?? Recent pricing on these enthusiast desktop parts has been leaked and is showing they are currently higher than their suggested retail price.

The new Haswell-E high-end desktop (HEDT) processors will come equipped with 6 to 8 cores and will support DDR4 memory with speeds of 2133 MHz out of the box. Speeds will increase in time to the 4000’s Mhz before this technology gets old but this means the memory highway just got a lot wider and the speed limit just got tripled. So many enthusiast have been biting at the bit already to update their already awesome X79 boards to the new X99 Super boards, so all of you guys that have been waiting to get a X79 for a good price keep your eyes peeled because they are going to be hitting the sales in batches the size of Napster’s Music Downloads in Y2K.


So the News is this. The Official Buy it now, get it later price just came out and we have a copy of them.. Here they are.

Intel Haswell-E processors Prices- Internet Explorer.png

Source: CPU World | News Archive

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