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AMD Radeon Pro WX 8200 Launched at $999

AMD today announced a high-performance addition to the Radeon Pro WX workstation graphics lineup with the AMD Radeon Pro WX 8200 graphics card, delivering the world's best workstation graphics performance for under $1,000 for real-time visualization, virtual reality (VR) and photorealistic rendering.

ASUS X99-E 10G WS Motherboard
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ASUS Announces the X99-E 10G WS Motherboard

ASUS has officially announced the X99-E 10G WS workstation motherboard. We gave you a little preview of this board a few months ago when ASUS had it on display at Computex. The board is of course based on the X99 Express chipset but also supports Intel Xeon E5-1600 and E5-2600 (v3 and v4) processors, besides the normal Core i7 "Haswell-E" and "Broadwell-E" processors in the LGA2011v3 package.

Gigabyte X170-Extreme ECC Motherboard
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GIGABYTE Launches the X170-Extreme ECC Motherboard

Gigabyte has just launched their latest high-end motherboard in the form of the X170-Extreme ECC. This motherboard is designed as a workstation motherboard for the high-end desktop crowd. It is based off the Intel C236 chipset, and comes with support for Intel Xeon E3-1200 V5 processors in addition to 6th generation Core "Skylake" processors. It also has support for DDR4 ECC memory, which is of course why you see the "ECC" in the product name.

NVIDIA Quadro M6000
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NVIDIA Unveils the Quadro M6000 24GB Graphics Card

NVIDIA has just announced the Quadro M6000, which is their high-end workstation single-GPU graphics card solution. It is based off the Maxwell GM200 silicon and maxes out the hardware features with 3072 CUDA cores, 192 TMUs, 96 ROPs, and a 384-bit wide GDDR5 memory interface. The card will hold 24 GB of GDDR5 memory, which is double that of the GeForce GTX Titan X. The card has a peak single-precision floating point performance of 7 TFLOPS/s.

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New Camo X170/X150 WS Boards Brought to CES

Traditionally Gigabyte is known as one of the go to gaming and overclocking board manufacturers. In fact their entire Z170 launch was focused entirely on the G1 Gaming line. Well as we know and expect there are always more boards to come in a second wave a few months or so after every new chipset launch. In this case we are getting a whole set of workstation motherboard from Gigabyte.

AMD FirePro W4300 Professional Graphics Card
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AMD Announces the FirePro W4300 Professional Graphics Card

Today at Autodesk University 2015, AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) unveiled the AMD FirePro W4300 for the best Computer-Aided Design (CAD) performance that fits both small form factor (SFF) and tower workstations. The AMD FirePro W4300 card expertly integrates a powerful GPU and 4GB of GDDR5 memory within a low-profile design for installation in SFF as well as full-sized systems.

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