Tt eSPORTS VENTUS Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse Unveiled

Tt eSPORTS has just announced a brand new gaming mouse to fulfill the needs of both left handed and right handed gamers. The VENTUS has a symmetric shape, which makes it easy to use in either your left or right hand.


The mouse has been tuned in-house by Tt eSPORTS to offer a good grip for both palm and claw grip users, regardless of whether they are right or left handed. The mouse sports an AVGAO laser sensor capable of 5700 DPI, OMROM switches, and 7 programmable buttons. There is storage for up to 5 profiles, for a total of 35 programmable macros.


Part of the mouse has a honeycomb design, which allows you to keep your hands cool while gaming. There are red LEDs inside of the mouse that light up the dragon logo, left click and mouse wheel. The VENTUS will have an MSRP of $39.99 and will go on sale globally in August.

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