goTenna Allows You to Text When You Have No Service

I know most of you always have your phone with you and are always connected, meaning you have service and can send and receive text messages. Have you ever been in an area with no service? Well a new product called the goTenna will allow you to transmit texts and GPS coordinates via radio waves letting you communicate when there is no cell service.


The goTenna is a device that connects to your iOS 7+ or Android 4.x+ device using Bluetooth and then allows you to transmit text messages and GPS coordinates using low frequency radio, with a maximum range of up to 50 miles. The device is not capable of voice calls or anything like that. In order to receive text massage or GPS information the user you are sending to must also have a goTenna.

The device is capable of sending text messages to single users, make group texts or even send a “shoutout” to anyone within range. There is even a way to encrypt messages if you have a need for that. If your phone happens to run out of power before you can reach someone, the goTenna will try sending messages on its own until someone receives them.

The device itself is dust tight and water resistant. The 50 mile range is good for open areas like forests, deserts and oceans. When in more dense urban environments the range is around 28 miles.


The company is currently trying to raise $50,000 through a crowd-funding campaign. During the campaign they will be selling the goTenna for $150. After the campaign the goTenna will double in price and be $300. And remember in order for someone to receive your messages they also need to have a goTenna so double that price.

While this is in no way a means to get out of paying for texting, I can see where a device like this could be extremely valuable. If you were doing some type of activity like snowboarding or rock climbing in areas where there in no cell service at all, in the case of natural disasters, or you are out at sea. This could be the perfect device for survivalists as well.

Source: goTenna | News Archive

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