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Samsung Galaxy Camera Wi-Fi Edition Now Available

The Samsung Galaxy Camera is a very interesting device as it is a camera that runs on Android. Samsung has been selling the Galaxy Camera (3G/4G-capable versions) for a while now, but today they have announced the Wi-Fi only version of the camera. This gives users who do not want to purchase a data plan with the camera the camera the ability to still use it. The camera will be available later this month for $449.99.


CES 2013: Samsung

One of the largest companies at CES 2013, Samsung took the liberty to demo some of the hottest products coming to market and currently dominating the world of electronic sales. The 'Series 7 Gamer' took the award of 'Best Laptop of CES 2012' and this year Samsung showed us the follow up to that outstanding product with the Series 7 Chronos. Qualifying as an Ultrabook in every criteria except the processor, this desktop replacement laptop will physically amaze you, aesthetically and with its hardware. We also took the liberty to overview some of the more prominent products for which Samsung is known. Check out the video for more details.

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