Monday, July 23, 2018

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GTA V Racking Up Lots of Negative Reviews After Mod Shutdown

If you head over to the Steam page for Grand Theft Auto V you'll notice that recently it has received a ton of negative reviews. This is because Take Two Interactive has decided to shutdown the popular modding tool OpenIV with a legal cease and desist letter.

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Windows Store Games Come Without VSync, SLI/Crossfire, Full Screen, or Modding Support

Digital game downloads is a big business and anyone can see from the growth of Steam over the past few years. EA jumped on the bandwagon with Origin, and now we have uPlay, Epic Games Launcher and much more. Now Microsoft wants to get in on the action by making the Microsoft Store (which is in Windows 10). The Microsoft Store will serve both sales and DRM roles. More competition in the marketplace is good right? Well as one reddit user found out games purchased through the Microsoft Store are missing many things we expect in AAA releases.

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