GTA V Racking Up Lots of Negative Reviews After Mod Shutdown

If you head over to the Steam page for Grand Theft Auto V you’ll notice that recently it has received a ton of negative reviews. This is because Take Two Interactive has decided to shutdown the popular modding tool OpenIV with a legal cease and desist letter. In just a weeks time almost 45,000 reviews have been published on the GTA V page with almost all of them being negative.

gtav negative

This is quite the contrast compared to the games usual rating on Steam, which is typically positive. All of these new negative reviews have had such an impact that it has changed the overall rating of the game to “mixed”.

We saw this when GTA V first came out and we know PC gamers heavily support game mods and prefer to not have them blocked or shut down. For many people mods make games much more fun and can even extend the lifetime of the game for gamers. But how far is too far when it comes to PC game modding? Should game DRM block all mods? Let us know what you think!

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