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GTA V Racking Up Lots of Negative Reviews After Mod Shutdown

If you head over to the Steam page for Grand Theft Auto V you'll notice that recently it has received a ton of negative reviews. This is because Take Two Interactive has decided to shutdown the popular modding tool OpenIV with a legal cease and desist letter.

GTA Online $500,000 Stimulus Package
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The GTA Online $500,000 Stimulus Package Being Paid Out

Staying true to its word, Rockstar has started paying the early adopters $500,000 in virtual currency. This applies to all online users in the month of October. This amount helps in organizing the racing cars and heists. The game developer has made an estimate that the wrap up of all these handouts will be done within the next two days and there will be no further delay.

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Rockstar Reveals new GTA Online Details

GTA V fans are anxiously waiting to experience online gaming and GTA has some good news for you. Details of what to expect from the upcoming GTA V Online have been highlighted on the blog of Rockstar Games. The post on this blog gives a clear indication that the game will be absolutely free of cost unless the gamers decide to buy the currency in the game in real money.

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GTA V PC to Have Direct X 11, 64 Bit Support, 2k Textures and Advanced Effects

GTA V PC rumors have been going for the run since quite some time and many have been waiting for further news about it with so much anticipation building up before its final release. A code of the PS3 version of GTA V (only a part of it) has been reveled. Some of the things leaked about this code will be of quite interest to the fans as these feature details on the DX 11 and 2k Textures.

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