6 Seconds Of GTA 6 Gameplay Leaked; Map Twice As Large As GTA V

A brief leaked footage of GTA 6 has surfaced, supposedly revealing 6 seconds of off-camera gameplay showcasing the much-anticipated title’s cityscape. In the past year, a substantial leak from an early Rockstar build unveiled several short videos featuring a Vice City setting and two protagonists. Jason Schreier from Bloomberg verified the leaks, acknowledging that while the footage was “early and unfinished,” it stands as one of the most significant leaks in video game history, posing a challenge for Rockstar Games.

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A few days ago, Rockstar officially revealed that the first trailer for GTA 6 would premiere on December 5. However, before this unveiling, there seems to be unofficial off-camera gameplay footage circulating on TikTok and X, depicting Vice City’s skyscrapers and the game’s landscapes. Intriguingly, this footage seems to align with the leaked videos from the previous year.

Adding to the intrigue of this leak, it’s purportedly linked to the friend of the son of the current head of development and co-studio head at Rockstar North, Aaron Garbut. Alongside this information, additional details about GTA 6 have been purportedly disclosed. According to the leak, the game will boast a map twice the size of GTA V’s Los Santos, encompassing three major cities and four sub-cities, with a substantial lake situated in the middle of the map.

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The leaker claims that a substantial 70% of the buildings in GTA 6 will be accessible, and the game is said to be set for release in the fall of 2024. This aligns with Take-Two’s projection of significant revenue growth in the fiscal year concluding in March 2025. Additionally, pre-orders for Rockstar’s game are rumored to become available after the debut of this week’s initial game trailer.

As is customary with such leaks, it’s advisable to take this information with a pinch of salt. Rockstar has not provided an official statement regarding this recent leak. Rest assured, we’ll keep you informed as more details unfold about GTA 6 and this purported ‘leak’.