Breaking: Rockstar Games To Release GTA 6 Trailer On December 5th

Cease the speculation; Rockstar Games has officially announced the imminent release of the first trailer for one of the year’s most eagerly awaited games. The unveiling of the GTA VI/6/Next trailer is slated for December 5th at 9 AM Eastern Time, with strong indications pointing towards a Miami setting, although the official title remains undisclosed.

Although the trailer might not address critical details like meeting the hype, release date, platform exclusivity, or pricing, it is expected to reveal other aspects. Viewers could glean information about main characters, the storyline, and whether the narrative unfolds in the 80s akin to GTA Vice City or in a contemporary setting.


Last year, Rockstar Games experienced a substantial leak comprising numerous video files linked to their upcoming AAA game, inadvertently offering the world an initial glimpse. This leak triggered significant repercussions, sparking discussions about the impact of leaks throughout the video game industry and their implications for every stage of game development. The hacker also disseminated what appears to be assorted GTA 6 assets and game code, unveiling the existence of both male and female protagonists. Nevertheless, it’s plausible that the development studio has since altered the plot and characters.