GTA VI development is more than halfway completed

This news post is seven years in the making since the appearance of GTA V followed by its online game. A Rockstar Games insider TEZFunZ2 claimed that Rockstar Games completed more than half of GTA VI’s development. Earlier, Kotaku reported that the Grand Theft Auto VI’s development was in its early stages, among other discussions.

However, that doesn’t imply the game is ready to be launched anytime soon or the near future. TEZFunz2 talked about Red Dead Redemption 2′ development time, which took seven to eight years to complete and started shortly after the release of its 1st instalment of the series. Therefore, people should expect a similar or more time frame for GTA VI’s official announcement.


Grand Theft Auto V’s long-lasting community base

GTA V made its appearance in 2013 and it is still commonly played since. It is still one of the notable games PC till date with its benchmarks holding one of the preferred benchmarks in graphics card reviews. As you will expect, the next GTA game will be highly anticipated even after so many years since its previous release. Rockstar Games enjoyed about 120 million copies sold worldwide. It is the second-highest video game to ever have such sales numbers, just behind Minecraft with 180 million sales.

any GTA’s ups and downs

Grand Theft Autio also faced many controversies, often being linked to violent crimes and criticism about the portrayal of women. Once upon a time, Target, Australia pulled its games from shelves. On the September 17th, 2019, Rockstar Games launched its own game client and offered GTA San Andreas for free as a signup incentive. Once upon a time, Rockstar Games are under criticism by own fans when the studio banned PC game mods for GTA V, only to reverse the decision later after being bombarded with negative reviews. Once upon a time, AMD provided GTA V as a bundle with Select Radeon Cards.

Unless Rockstar Games give any clue or teaser, we’ll never be sure. For now, let us be happy with Grand Theft Auto V and its online gameplay.  The online community base for GTA V Online is massive. Even in Twitch, GTA V Roleplaying is a niche form of entertainment, attracting many budding streamers and viewers building their own story arcs.

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