MSI Z490 Motherboards Leak

There was a big leak of upcoming MSI Z490 motherboards that hit the web this weekend. Boards in the MEG, MPG and PRO lines have all be detailed. Starting with the flagship board we have the MEG Z490 Godlike, which is listed with a price of 960€. The board features an onboard OLED display called Dynamic Dashboard 2 and is described as a “colorful panel indicating a status of personality”.


The board is loaded with ports, but it has been pointed out that it has dual Thunderbolt 3 slots and a combination of 10Gbe Aquantia and 2.5Gbe Ethernet ports. As far as power delivery goes you have a digital 16+1+1 (90A) phase design. The board also looks to come with a M.2 expansion card and WiFi antenna, which we can assume is for WiFi 6.

While the MEG and ACE board from MSI are for enthusiasts the MPG boards are a small step down. In that series we have the MPG Z490M Gaming Edge WIFI priced at 250€. This is a Micro-ATX board that looks to have some pretty cool features including WiFi and RGB lighting.

MSI MPG Z490M Gaming Edge WiFi

Also in the MPG series there is the MPG Z490 Gaming Plus at 210€. This ATX board looks to have a similar feature-set as the MPG Z490M Gaming Edge WIFI, except it lacks WiFi.

MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Plus

Finally at the bottom of the product stack we have the Z490-A PRO at 200€. Being a more entry-level board it looks to not have as many features as the other boards. It has an all black design with black heatsinks. One thing that is interesting is there is a cut-out where the SATA ports are, we first saw this type of design on ASRock boards.


The pricing for MSI’s Z490 boards have been leaked as well. You’ll notice these prices are higher than typically Intel boards. Maybe because of the higher power requirements or Intel wants their boards to be on par with the pricing on AMD’s boards.

MSI Z490 motherboard pricing

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