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The Steam Summer Sale Starts June 21! Prepare Your Wallets!

You better get your wallets ready, the dates for the annual Steam Sale have been revealed by the Steam Database twitter account. The Steam Summer sale is the biggest sale to hit Steam each year and you can really get some great deals on your favorite games.

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ESRB Cracking Down on Games With Micro-Transactions

The Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB), which oversees gaming ratings in North America has just announced a huge change that impacts all games and the future of the industry as a whole. Starting today games with "with in-game offers to purchase digital goods or premiums with real world currency" must be labeled with a new sticker that says "In-Game Purchases."

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Steam Reveals To Selling Games of 2017

Steam has just released a special page revealing the top selling games on their platform, measured by gross revenue this year. They have organized games into "Platinum", "Gold", "Silver", and "Bronze" tiers. Taking a look at the Platinum tier you can see many games you expected to be there like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Counter-Strike: GO, and Rocket League.

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Steam Has Removed Bitcoin as a Payment Option

In a recent blog post Steam has announced that they will no longer be accepting Bitcoin as a viable payment option for purchases in the Steam store. In the blog post Steam cites Bitcoin's high volatility (the cryptocurrency very frequently sees swings in the order of hundreds of dollars in mere minutes) and high transaction fees (as much as $20) as the reasons Bitcoin has been removed as a payment method.

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Steam’s Winter Sale Dates Leaked

It seems like the last Steam sale just ended not that long ago, but we have the big Steam Winter Sale coming up! Steam sales have become quite common, but one of the biggest sales of the year is the Winter sale. Steam works pretty well with developers to give great discounts on games with all of that Holiday money you received!

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Steam’s Best Selling Games of 2015

This year was a great one for gamers with some of the most anticipated games of all time coming out. Steam Spy creator Sergey Galyonkin has put together a report on Medium revealing preliminary results for on Valve's digital PC video game content distribution platform Steam. This report lists games that sold the most copies globally in 2015 as well as offering sales data for games sold in each individual region.

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EA Makes More Than Double From Extra Content Than Full Games

Most major publishers these days (EA, Activision, Ubisoft) have implemented a massive array of micro-transactions into their full-priced games. Although many people consider EA the king of this other publishers do it as well. Micro-transactions have been hit with a lot of criticism from gamers, but taking a look at the latest financial stats from EA we can see why many of these publishers have not changed their stance on these micro-transactions.

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