Saturday, July 21, 2018

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GELID Launches the Slim 12 UV Blue & Slim 12 PL Blue Case Fans

Engineers at GELID Solutions go slim and have created two slim profile fans (120x120x15.8mm) with surprisingly high cooling performance. The “Slim 12 UV Blue” fan comes with an UV reactive blue impeller and has a fixed rpm speed of 1500. The “Slim 12 PL Blue” also comes with a blue impeller but includes a high-quality PWM control for a rpm range of 900-1600. Additionally the “Slim 12 PL Blue” includes 4 blue LED lights and an on/off switch mounted on the frame of the fan. Although both fans generate high air flow, they are very silent. The “Slim 12 UV Blue” has a start voltage of only 5 volts and 7 volts for “Slim 12 PL Blue” to start. The “Slim 12 UV Blue” has a 5-year supplier warranty and because of the LED lights the “Slim 12 PL Blue” has a 3-year warranty.

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