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AMD “Greenland” Vega 10 GPU To Feature 4096 Stream Processors

An interesting piece of information about AMD's "Greenland" graphics processor came out over this past weekend. Codenamed Vega 10 and scheduled for release in early 2017 according to AMD's GPU architecture roadmap "Greenland" will be built on AMD's "Vega" GPU architecture, which follows Polaris that will come out later this year. The big news is that apparently Vega 10 will feature 4096 stream processors.

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AMD’s Next-Generation GPU Will Have 2x Performance Per Watt over Fury X

At this point we really do not know that much about AMD's next generation GPU. We do however know that will be feature HBM2 with over 1TB/s of memory bandwidth. Well AMD CEO Lisa Su recently stated, "We are also focused on delivering our next generation GPUs in 2016 which is going to improve performance per watt by two times compared to our current offerings, based on design and architectural enhancements as well as advanced FinFET products process technology".

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More Information on AMD’s Greenland GPU

We first heard about AMD's Greenland GPU when we details AMD's upcoming 16-core APU. Greenland will be the successor to Fiji (which will be powering the upcoming R9 390X). It has been reported that this new core will not be a radically new core. AMD wants the main goal of Greenland to bring more performance per watt to AMD GPUs in 2016.

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