AMD “Greenland” Vega 10 GPU To Feature 4096 Stream Processors

An interesting piece of information about AMD’s “Greenland” graphics processor came out over this past weekend. Codenamed Vega 10 and scheduled for release in early 2017 according to AMD’s GPU architecture roadmap “Greenland” will be built on AMD’s “Vega” GPU architecture, which follows Polaris that will come out later this year. The big news is that apparently Vega 10 will feature 4096 stream processors.


This was revealed via the LinkedIn profile of AMD R&D manager Yu Zheng (since redacted). The screencap, which you see above reveals the “shader processor” (stream processor) count of Vega 10 to be 4096. This is identical to the stream processor of “Fiji”, but you need to keep in mind that “Greenland” is two generations past Fiji and should use HBM2 memory. AMD is expecting 2.5x performance per watt over Polaris so this card should definitely be faster.

Source: VideoCardz | News Archive

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