Thursday, August 16, 2018

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Galaxy Fish GeForce GT 630
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Galaxy Shows Unique Fish GeForce GT 630

Galaxy had a rather unique graphics card on display at their booth at Computex 2014. It is what they are calling their Fish GeForce GT 630 graphics card. The reason they are calling it the fish is that the heatsink is made to look like a fish.

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NVIDIA Kepler GK208 Core Equipped on GT 640 GDDR5 and GT 630 ZONE Edition GPUs

It was the last year’s news; NVIDIA was making a latest G2K08 core to power their upcoming graphics card. Many rumors were in the air regarding the new card that whether they would influence the high end or low end lineup of next generation cards and it seems the G2K08 was just a low end chip with high end compute capabilities of the GK110 core that would closed down to the new GT 640 and GT 630 graphics cards.

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