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AMD Radeon R9 Fury X2 Dual GPU
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First Look At AMD’s Radeon R9 Fury X2 Dual GPU Graphics Card

AMD's Roy Taylor was at it again this weekend, he posted the photo you see below, which is a photo of the Tiki PC from Falcon Northwest. Taylor commented, "another peak at the world's best developer box for VR and DX12". In the photo you can see a graphics card, which is the R9 Fury X2 (if that is what AMD plans on calling it). From the photo we can see that it is a much longer card than the Fury X and it has an air cooler, like what we saw on the R9 Nano.

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Official Specifications For HBM2 Released By JEDEC

High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) debuted with AMD's Fury series graphics cards and was quite the success, although it had some limitations. The two biggest were that it was limited to 4GB and only had a maximum bandwidth of 512 GB/s. This is going to change with HMB2 which will introduce capacities up to 32 GB and speeds of 1 TB/s. This will be more than powerful enough for next-generation graphics cards coming from both NVIDIA and AMD.

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AMD Fiji GPU And HBM Die Shots Revealed

This seems a little late right? Well for some reason AMD never released the die shots of their Fiji GPU that is used in their R9 Fury series graphics cards. Third party ChipWorks was able to show us whats inside these brand new cards as they have released a die shot of the Fiji GPU.

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AMD Could Have Exclusive Rights to First Wave of HMB2

AMD was the first graphics card company to make use of HBM (high bandwidth memory) with their release of the Fury X and Fury graphics cards. NVIDIA has stated that they are waiting for the second iteration of HBM (HBM2) before they move over to the standard. According to a recent report AMD could be leveraging their deal with SK Hynix to get priority access to HBM2 for their next graphics card series (Arctic Islands).

High Bandwidth Memory
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High Bandwidth Memory Detailed by AMD

Since we first started getting leaks about AMD's new graphics cards the big thing we were hearing about was High Bandwidth Memory (HBM). This will be the type of memory that will be used on AMD's Flagship graphics card in the Radeon 300 series and NVIDIA's Pascal GPUs in 2016. The whole idea behind HBM is to stack the memory modules to save space and also integrate them into the GPU package itself. This way the communication distance between the each of the modules and the GPU is reduced, which it turn increases bandwidth and power draw.

AMD R9 295x2
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AMD R9 390X to be in Short Supply at Launch

As we keep on getting closer and closer to the release on AMD's R300 series we have been hearing a lot of rumors within the industry. According to TweakTown AMD will have two Radeon R9 390X cards at launch. The first will be the Radeon R9 395X2 (a dual-GPU card) with 8GB of VRAM. The second will be a 4GB card that will not be able to beat NVIDIA's Titan X.

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