AMD Fiji GPU And HBM Die Shots Revealed

This seems a little late right? Well for some reason AMD never released the die shots of their Fiji GPU that is used in their R9 Fury series graphics cards. Third party ChipWorks was able to show us whats inside these brand new cards as they have released a die shot of the Fiji GPU.

AMD Fiji Die Shot

Since Fiji is the first chip to make use of HBM we actually get to see some new technology here. The die shot shows that the chip is more or less a more advanced version of Tonga. The photo above was blown up and shows JPEG compression, but you get the idea.

Below you can see the Fiji chip in relation to Tonga.


This shows you the size difference between the two chips. You can also see that the Fiji HBM bus takes up a little more space, but at the same time provides more bandwidth with its 1024-bit bus over the 64-bit bus of GDDR5.

Source: eTeknix | News Archive

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