Thursday, July 19, 2018

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AMD Ryzen Core
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AMD Ryzen Die Shot and Architecture Details Revealed

Here we have even more information about AMD's upcoming Ryzen processor. This comes in the form of actual die shots of actual AMD Ryzen cores, which were presented at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference held earlier this month. First lets start with the die shot of the single AMD Ryzen core.

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AMD Fiji GPU And HBM Die Shots Revealed

This seems a little late right? Well for some reason AMD never released the die shots of their Fiji GPU that is used in their R9 Fury series graphics cards. Third party ChipWorks was able to show us whats inside these brand new cards as they have released a die shot of the Fiji GPU.

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AMD Hawaii GPU Die Shot Analyzed

But the inside truth was revealed by a slide posted by DG’s Nerdy Story which says that the Hawaii chip has so much more to offer than just this. The chip inside the Radeon R9 290X has 4 Compute Units disabled and this clearly shows that the full fledged chip is yet to be launched and we just haven’t seen it in full form as yet.

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