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Bigfoot Networks and VisionTek release combined video, network card

<a href="http://www.visiontek.com/">VisionTek</a> and <a href="http://bigfootnetworks.com/">Bigfoot Networks</a> <a class="pdf" href="http://thinkcomputers.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/VisionTek-Killer-HD-5770_FINAL.pdf">announced today</a> the launch of the VisionTek Killer HD 5770, a video card and network card combination mashup, accelerating both graphics <em>and</em> network communications in one device. The device combines into a single x16 PCI-E expansion card an AMD Radeon HD 5770 GPU and Bigfoot Networks' Killer E2100 network processing unit (NPU). It occupies only one PCI-E slot and two expansion slots, reducing the amount of space needed inside a case to benefit from both technologies when used separately. The Crossfire-ready Radeon HD 5770 provides two multidisplay-capable DVI ports, one HDMI port (with 7.1 audio!), while the Killer E2100 provides a single RJ45 gigabit Ethernet jack for connecting to the network.

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