Monday, July 16, 2018

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ArticlesCase Mod Friday

Case Mod Friday: The Aqualium

This week for Case Mod Friday we have another great build coming out of the High Resolution Computer shop! The build is called "The Aqualium" and is done inside of the Corsair 780T. It has to be one of the more interesting builds done in that case. Be sure to check it out!

ArticlesCase Mod Friday

Case Mod Friday: HEXGEAR R80 The Force

This weeks build comes from the guys at High Resolution Computer Shop out of Thailand. It was done in the HEX GEAR R80 case, which is the bigger brother to the R40 we saw so many builds in last year. The build has a sort of red, white, and blue color scheme, which is something we do not see very often. Be sure to check this build out!

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