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Holiday Gaming Survival Guide

Christmas just happened and for many of us we have at least a week or so off of work. Now what to do with that time? Well for us here at ThinkComputers and most of the PCMasterRace it means hours upon hours of gaming! For that reason we have decided to compile a list not only of games, but some pretty awesome gaming hardware that you can pickup to make the most out of your time off!


ThinkComputers Holiday 2016 Staff Wish List

It is that time of year again, the Holidays! This time of year everyone is looking to get new hardware and gadgets, whether its from relatives or if you just want to splurge for yourself. Even though here at ThinkComputers we get to look at a lot of really cool hardware, there are some things we still can't get our hands on. With that he have compiled our Holiday 2016 wish list of things we would love to get this holiday season! Take a look!

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ThinkComputers Holiday 2011 Staff Wish List

Well it is that time of year again, Christmas!  Each year we always tell our loved ones what we would like for Christmas, but we do not always get it.  The staff here at ThinkComputers has compiled a list of products they would like for Christmas.  Even though we review awesome products all year there are still a few things that we want so read on to check out the staff wish list for 2011!

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ThinkComputers Staff Holiday 2009 Wish List

Here at ThinkComputers we get to take a look at a lot of cool gear, a lot of which we get to keep, but there are always things that we would like to have. Each staff member has comprised a list of products they would like to receive this year for Christmas. Some of these items are what you might expect, but others are totally off the wall! Read on to see what the ThinkComputers staff wants for Christmas…

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