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HTC Announces the VIVE Pro Full Kit – Steam VR 2.0 Base Stations, Pro Controllers Included

The HTC VIVE Pro Full Kit is one for the enthusiast, with the full bundle launching with the updated Steam VR 2.0 compatible base stations for a total play area of an incredible 10m x 10m, over three times that of the original. Also included in the Full Kit is a new set of pro controllers in the iconic blue colour. The VIVE Pro headset itself features a resolution of 2880 x 1600 (an increase of 78% over the original), with a built-in deluxe audio strap and slimlined cable management.

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HTC Launches New VR Gaming Bundle

HTC has just launched a new VR gaming bundle which seems to be a pretty good value and takes the headache out of buying individual components. The bundle includes a Vive VR room scale solution (with the headset and a pair of controllers), a Founder's Edition NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070, and a copy of Fallout 4 VR.

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HTC Partnering With GameStop & Microsoft to Bring VR Demos In Stores

All we have been hearing about lately is Virtual Reality. While it may look really cool on paper and all of the videos on the internet are pretty awesome it is something that you need to experience yourself. You really will never know what VR is actually like without trying it. This can be an issue for some people as they might not want to fork out the money for a VR headset just yet and they do not live where there are VR-focused events. GameStop wants to change this and they are partnering with HTC to let everyone have the chance to give VR at try.

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Have You Seen The VR Virtual Desktop Yet?

To be honest I am not really that sold on VR. I am an avid PC gamers and while gaming in VR would be cool, it just does not appeal to me that much. If you ask anyone on the ThinkComputers staff they actually make fun of me because I am not really behind VR. Well I came across something the other day that actually really got me excited about VR. It is Virtual Desktop for VR. I have to say it looks pretty amazing!

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