Thursday, July 19, 2018

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Patriot Inferno 120GB Solid State Drive Review

We just started working with Patriot with our review of the <a href="">Xporter XT Rage 32B Flash Drive</a>.  Well today we have another storage product from them, the Inferno 120GB Solid State Drive.  This solid state drive is based off the SandForce SF-1200 controller.  If you have been following solid state drives over the past year you know that the SandForce controller is what everyone is using in their new drives.  This drive boasts read speeds up to 285MB/s, write speeds up to 275MB/s, native TRIM support and integrated DuraClass Technology.  Let’s check out the Inferno and see how it performs compared to other SandForce-based drives.

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Cooler Master CM Storm Inferno Gaming Mouse Review

With Cooler Masters CM Storm Gaming product line on the rise Cooler Master has recently released the CM Storm Inferno Gaming Mouse for the ultimate gamer. The CM Storm Inferno features 11 buttons, all highly adjustable with the Inferno software. The software features plenty of macros, scripts and other adjustments the FPS and MMORPG gamer would need. Being on the CM Storm line, the mouse has to have a great look, feel and gamer touch; that it does with its red/black design and LED illuminations. Read on further to see what else this mouse has to offer.

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