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Marware MicroShell Folio Kindle Fire HD Case Review

When you buy a tablet or any piece of technology it is an investment and you want to protect it. I’ve had my Kindle Fire HD for a little while now and I use it quite often so I knew I needed to get some type of protective case for it. I couldn’t keep throwing it in my laptop bag and expect to to not get scratched. There are so many <a href="" target="_blank">Kindle covers</a> and cases I really did not know what to get. After looking around I was set on the MicroShell Folio from Marware. It has a hard shell case back that will protect most of my Kindle, but has a folio top cover. This still protects the screen of the Kindle, but keeps the size of device as a whole down, which is what I wanted. Will this be the next case for your Kindle Fire HD? Read on as we find out...

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The Top 3 Tablets Under $300

As technology expands and more gadgets are being used to surf the internet, companies are consistently working on creating new toys for the big kids to play with! With all the tablets that are hitting the market every month, it can be confusing as to which one to choose, especially without putting a dent in your pocket. Tablets aren't just becoming a toy to play with or used as a bedtime read, in fact, many professionals use tablets to get work done while on the go, or even at home. The features and capabilities the tablets have expanded to, allow people to use tablets almost just as much as they use their computers. These are the top 3 tablets to consider for just under $300!


How to Install Google Chrome on the Amazon Kindle Fire HD

As you may know I have recently added a Kindle Fire HD to my gadget list.  I actually really like the device.  You can read my <a href="">lengthy review on it here</a>.  Amazon tries to keep you in their ecosystem with the Kindle Fire HD.  As such you can only download apps that are in Amazon’s App store.  This really does limit you.  Amazon’s silk browser is alright, but there are plenty of better browsers available for Android.  Amazon blocks them from their app store, but you are still able to install them.  In this guide we will show you how to easily install Google Chrome on your Amazon Kindle Fire HD.  This process shouldn’t take that long and the best part you do not even have to root your Kindle Fire HD!  Let’s get started!


Amazon Kindle Fire HD Tablet Review

You know for me I never saw the need for an Amazon Kindle.  I get all kinds of gadgets to play with and I have two tablets already, which I rarely use.  I ended up winning the Kindle Fire HD at a party at CES so I was pretty curious to see what all the buzz was about.  I do actually read a lot, but I tried to make the switch over to reading on tablets and it just did not stick.  I think the biggest thing was that I didn’t want to carry a large tablet around with me all of the time.  The Kindle Fire HD being only 7-inches is the smallest tablet I have owned or really spent an extended period of time with.  After taking it out of the package I said to myself, “wow this thing is small and who would want a tablet this size?”  But after using it for a few weeks it seems to be the perfect device to read on.  Of course there is much more you can do on the Kindle fire HD as well so let’s go ahead and get this review started!

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