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Fortnite Battle Royale Coming To Mobile Devices, Will Feature Crossplay

Epic Games just dropped some awesome news if you are a fan of Fortnite Battle Royale. The full Fortnite Battle Royale experience will soon be available on mobile devices, starting with iOS and then later coming to Android. Even better is that Epic intends to implement crossplay between all platforms, except Xbox One.

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Pokemon GO Tracking Apps Are Being Shut Down By Niantic

Well its was only a matter of time before this happened, Niantic, the developer behind Pokemon GO is taking steps to shut down services that allow users to track Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Over the weekend Niantic pushed out another big update for Pokemon GO which completely removed 'footsteps' altogether in the Nearby feature in the game, as well as hammering down on Pokemon finding services.

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Mobile Gaming Set to Expand Following Successful Year

2015 has been a banner year for mobile games. Revenue is at an all-time high and there's a slew of games that's made the platform more popular than ever. This year is the first time that the revenues of mobile games will surpass those of traditional consoles and it's looking as though this trend will continue into 2016. And that'll happen thanks to a huge boost expected to come from the overseas market.


CES 2013: TactSlider

One of the greatest things about CES is finding those few products that just blow you away. In transit from one scheduled morning meeting to another we crossed paths with the TactSlider booth. This booth was one of the smallest booths that we took the time to stop at during the entire event. Crazy enough the product we stumbled upon will probably revolutionize the tablet gaming industry for years to come. Imagine having a tactile joystick no bigger than a quarter that could attach anywhere to the surface of your mobile device to take the place of the annoying dedicated button spots or terrible tracking d-pads. The TactSlider is a cheap option that will essentially make that d-pad into one of the most comfortable analog sticks I've ever used. With a ridiculous amount of gaming applications the TactSlider is a product that I'm sure will be at CES next a MUCH bigger booth.

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