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ADATA A10050QC Power Bank
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ADATA A10050QC Power Bank Review

We are attached to our phones, if its business related, or we are just checking Facebook our mobile phones are an integral part of our lives. If you are on the go, travelling, or just don't happen to have access to a charger at your job you probably know how important a power bank is. When our phones get low on battery we freak out because we'll be "disconnected" from the rest of the world. Well ADATA has you covered with their new A10050QC Power Bank. This power bank provides 10050mAh of recharging power, Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology, and even a USB Type-C connection. Let's take a look!


CES 2013: Nectar Power System

We bumped into Nectar's Ken Lazarus while walking past the Brookstone booth, completely out of happenstance. In doing so, we stumbled upon one of the neatest tools we have yet encountered at CES 2013: the Nectar fuel cell mobile charger. Through the use of a special chip fabricated by Intel and a butane fuel pack, the Nectar charger can supply 10-20 full charges of a smartphone. This enables not only intraday charging, but days or even weeks away from electricity. The Nectar will retail at Brookstone for $299 with $10 fuel cells, which are one-time use but have recyclable casing.

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