Tuesday, July 17, 2018

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Google’s Project Ara Won’t Have Swappable CPU, RAM, or Display Modules

We talked about Google's Project Ara last week are were pretty excited that we could see a consumer version in 2017. The modular phone is a great concept, but it looks like it is not going to be as "modular" as many people think. Google has confirmed that Project Ara will not have swappable CPU, RAM, or display modules.

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Motorola Announces Ara, a New Modular Phone Concept

It might come as a surprise for many but it’s true that there is finally a company which has decided to support this newest concept and has made efforts to try to put it into reality; this is where the Motorola Ara comes into play. But so far this is only a modular phone concept and we can only look forward to the future and wait to see if it turns into a reality or not.

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