Motorola Announces Ara, a New Modular Phone Concept

Many of us have heard about the Phonebloks concept which undoubtedly was very innovative and attractive but failed to make its way into the market. And that’s what it always remained till now; a concept and an idea. The guy with the idea tried to approach many companies around the globe to get their attention towards the concept but maybe that was not the time for it to function as a reality. And since it was only an individual with an idea, it was hard for many of us (including companies) to imagine it being successful.


It might come as a surprise for many but it’s true that there is finally a company which has decided to support this newest concept and has made efforts to try to put it into reality; this is where the Motorola Ara comes into play. But so far this is only a modular phone concept and we can only look forward to the future and wait to see if it turns into a reality or not.

Quite similar to the Phonebloks, the Motorola Ara is going to feature different modules which will allow the users to replace, switch or upgrade certain parts of the phone. This will not only make the upgrading and repairing process easier and faster but will also allow the phone to get flexible and match out needs and this offers customization at its highest.


It has been a year since the Ara project has remained under development at Motorola and so it is not wise to say that the idea came into Motorola after they saw the Phonebloks video.

Source: Motorola | News Archive