AMD R9 290X Custom Models Not Coming Till Late November

We have learned from a few different sources that custom models of AMD’s R9 290X graphics card will not be coming till late November. So if you were waiting it looks like you have another month to go. Manufacturers usually need four to six weeks to deliver custom cards to the market. So many of your favorite custom models will not be here till almost December.


It has also been said that AMD has not delivered enough Hawaii GPUs to AIB partners so they are not ready for mass production just yet.

The big thing about the reference R9 290X is that it runs extremely hot and the fan is very loud. So if you cannot wait for a custom R9 290X models right now you do have a few different options. These current aftermarket coolers will work with the R9 290X.

– Prolimatech MK-26
– Arctic Accelero Xtreme III
– Arctic Accelero Hybrid
EK-FC R9-290X (Water block)
Aqua Computer Kryographics Hawaii (Water block)

These aftermarket cooling solutions are definitely something to consider if as most people are seeing 95C load temperatures on the reference R9 290X.

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