EK Debuts Water Block for AMD Radeon R9 290X

EK Water Blocks has just introduced the world’s first full-cover water cooling solution for AMD’s latest R9 290X graphics card. The EK-FC R9-290X will fit any reference R9 290X and directly cools the GPU, RAM and well as the VRM. It also features a high flow design that allows it to be used in liquid cooling systems with weaker water pumps.


The base of the block is made of electrolytic copper, while the top is made of quality cast acrylic or POM Acetal depending on the variant you choose. You can connect up to four EK-FX R9 290X series water blocks using EK’s own EK-FC terminal.


The EK-FC R9 290X will be available in 5 different variants and a aesthetic retention backplate is also available. The variants and prices are listed below.

– EK-FC R9-290X – 92,95€
– EK-FC R9-290X – Acetal – 94,95€
– EK-FC R9-290X – Nickel – 104,95€
– EK-FC R9-290X – Acetal+Nickel – 105,95€
– EK-FC R9-290X – Nickel (Original CSQ) – 105,95€
– EK-FC R9-290X Backplate – Black – 26,38€


The EK-FC R9 290X will be available October 25th.

Source: EKWB | News Archive

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