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AMD Kaveri Steamroller Performance Revealed

There have been conflicting reports about AMD’s upcoming Kaveri APU. Some people think it will release in February of 2014, while other say we will see it much sooner. Well a few different chinese sites have released performance results from near production samples which makes us think that we may see Kaveri before the end of the year.


Many people are really excited for the Kaveri APU as it is the first APU that will utilize Steamroller CPU architecture and the GCN (Graphics Core Next) GPU architecture. Below are two samples, one is an engineering sample and the other is a supposed “near production sample”.


While concrete results and benchmarks have not been completed the integer and floating point scores have been revealed. The Kaveri Steamroller APU was compared to an FX Bulldozer chip and FX Piledriver chip all running at 1.8 GHz. Below is the comparison chart.


From the chart we can see the integer performance of the APU is 34.50% better than the FX Bulldozer and 31.6% better than the FX Piledriver. The floating point performance may be lower because of the lack of only 2 MB cache on the APU. Looking at the integer results this APU may be able to compete with Intel’s i7-4770K processor.

Source: ChinaDIY | News Archive

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