Halo: Spartan Assault Confirmed For Xbox One And Xbox 360

It has finally been revealed by Microsoft that the Halo: Spartan Assault is going to be coming for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. After so much anticipation and so many speculations regarding the game, the truth has finally been unveiled by Microsoft.


The game developed by 343 Industries and Vanguard Games is the first of all Halo games to be released for Xbox One this year. Those of you who are wondering about the other Halo (Halo 5) must be notified that it is still under the developmental process and will not be out before 2014. The game was initially released in the month of July this year for the Windows 8 and Windows enabled phones and tablets and it is finally making its way to one of the most popular consoles. After its release in the month of December this year, the game is going to be available for a digital download on the consoles.


Though the mobile version is selling around for $6.99, nothing so far has been confirmed about the prices for the consoles versions which are also going to feature a new multiplayer mode along with the single player with 5 missions from Operation Hydra expansion DLC. But this little revelation might not be of any importance to the fans since multiplayer is not supported with the two consoles and nothing related to the cross platform for Halo has been given away by Microsoft. There had been mane leaks about what people had anticipated the console version to be. They had gathered all their speculations from the original version which was release in July for the Windows phones and tablets.

Source: GameSpot | News Archive