NVIDIA Announces GTX 780 GHz Edition Cards

It seems like the war has just begun with the Radeon series out in the market challenging the price subs where NVIDIA products fall. AMD’s Radeon R9 290X and the soon to be released Radeon R9 290 has given a difficult time to NVIDIA since GTX TITAN, and GTX 780 are seemingly disrupted at their price points. Even though NVIDIA has managed to give a price cut to the GTX 780, it might still be in danger as chances are that AMD will provide tough competition for this one. Competition is quite obviously intense since the Radeon R9 290 is still cheaper than the GTX 780 even after a price cut making it fall down to a $500.


The most speculated thing about the way NVIDIA is going to counter the situation is that they will come up with a new SKU which the add-in card (AIC) partners are referring to as the GeForce GTX 780 GHz Edition. There hasn’t been much effort put into this since it is not so different than the original GTX 780. In reality, the GeForce GTX 780 GHz Edition is just like the GTX 780 with higher clock speeds which can reach up to 1006 MHz core and with the GPU Boost, they can shoot up to 1046 MHz. The card, with untouched memory of 6.00 GHz, has been based on a new stepping of the GK110 silicon labeled “GK110-300-B1” compared to the original GTX 780’s “GK110-300A1. The GTX 780 GHz Edition is about 15 percent faster than a standard GTX 780, and about 7 percent faster than a GTX TITAN. It’s also about 6.2 percent faster than an R9 290X on the same test-bed.


Source: Expreview | News Archive