PowerColor Unveils the Devil R9 270X

TUL Corporation is a name known well and trusted when it comes to the AMD cards manufacturing. It has expanded its existing portfolio and has added yet another product to the famous Devil series. The product has been named as the PowerColor Devil R9 270X and just like all other products in these series, this one too has been equipped with special features and does not fail to showcase the brilliance of the Devil series.


It extends full support towards the DirectX 11.2 and 4K gaming and these two teamed up together offer the most amazing gaming experience ever. With the Devil R9 270X, the game developers will be allowed direct control over the GPU core as they are now able to utilize the Mantle API. It is a perfect option for gaming enthusiasts with over clock speeds which reach a high of 1150 MHz and with Boost they can further jump up to 1180 MHz. Moreover, it has a GDDR5 memory of 2 GB spread over a 256-bit memory interface which provides excellent performance with its higher speeds. The Platinum Power Kit of the Devil R9 270X has been designed with the highest quality material and with the Digital PWM and 7+1+1 phases, a consistent power supply is ensures.


The Devil R9 270X also has a perfect cooling system in place which makes use of the trio fans design coupled with 4 heat pipes along with a large aluminum cooling fin.

Source: PowerColor | News Archive