BenQ Launches the XL2720Z Gaming Monitor

XL2720Z, the new 27” professional gaming monitor has finally been introduced by BenQ which is known around the globe for its leading human technology and solutions and the offer for XL2720Z will sound very attractive considering that BenQ is recognized as one of the pioneers of the gaming monitors. FPS action-oriented gaming will be best supported by this gaming monitor since it has been designed and built with the visual clarity enhancement innovations exclusively for ultimate gaming experiences.

BenQ XL2720Z Gaming Monitor

The gaming monitor features the Motion Blur Reduction which is a technology exclusively designed by BenQ. This is the first professional monitor to incorporate such a technology which keeps under consideration the three most sensitive parts; the resolution, response time and refresh rate of a monitor. It also keeps a check on how these critical areas contribute in making a gaming experience a truly remarkable one by providing trouble free gaming as there will be no blurred images. This technology also provides the perfect reaction time which gamers demand in order to be more competitive. Gaming enthusiasts will no longer feel the need to worry about switching to LCDs and fret over the fact that LCDs reduce the refresh rates.

BenQ XL2720Z Gaming Monitor

If gamers are looking for the perfect and clear vision, then this gaming monitor is perfect for them as it incorporates the Low Blue Light technology. This technology supports long hours of gaming practice since there will be no disturbances due to image quality. This also brings along adjustable low blue light levels which will help to counter the harmful blue spectrum light which is usually emitted from computer screens and can be harmful.

One of the most interesting and attractive aspects of this is the use of GROM to custom build your own gaming profiles. This is a sort of a management feature which will team up with the Display Mode and Smart Scaling feature to allow customizations and gamers can keep an account of their own viewing preferences, refresh rates and display resolutions etc.

Source: BenQ | News Archive