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AMD Unveils Radeon RX Vega 56 Nano Graphics Card

AMD did announce a new graphics card at Computex 2018, although not really that new. They unveiled the Radeon RX Vega Nano, which is the successor to the high-end small form factor card the Radeon R9 Nano. This card was actually brought to life thanks to AMD add-in board partner PowerColor.

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MSI Teasing New Mini-ITX Graphics Card

MSI is teasing a new Mini-ITX graphics card on its Facebook page. From what we've heard this is actually a new model from NVIDIA. So we will see this card from MSI as well as other vendors. Currently we do not know the name of this new model, what GPU it is based off of, or how fast it will be.

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AMD Radeon R9 Nano Starts Selling

AMD's Radeon R9 Nano has started selling on Amazon. There are two R9 Nano listing, one from XFX and the other is from Sapphire. Both listings confirm the $649.99 pricing. Both listings confirm the $649.99 pricing. While both of these cards are from AIB partners, there are no customization's as all R9 Nano's are reference.

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Zotac ZBOX Nano AD10 Mini PC Review

We have seen quite a few different Mini PC’s lately.  They make great Internet surfing and media machines for home theater setups.  Not that long ago we took a look at <a href="">Zotac’s ZBOX HD-AD02</a> mini PC, which proved to be a great and very function mini PC, but was a little on the large side.  Today we have the ZBOX Nano AD10, which has to be one of the best-looking and smallest mini pc’s we have looked at.  I know you are going to say it so we will say it now, it looks like a Mac Mini only smaller!  Inside this small design you have an AMD E350 CPU, AMD Radeon HD 6310 graphics, 2GB of DDR3 and a 320GB hard drive.  Let’s check out the ZBOX Nano and see if performs as well as it looks!


Apple iPod Nano 8GB (5th Generation) Review

Apple’s iPod is the most popular MP3 player out there, if someone I know has an MP3 player it’s an iPod. I don’t think I’ve even seen an MP3 player lately that isn’t an iPod. The last time we reviewed an iPod at was the <a href="">iPod Nano (3rd Generation)</a>. Today we have its successor the iPod Nano (5th Generation). This new iPod Nano was announced back in September and has a few features that previous iPod’s just didn’t have including a video camera, microphone, FM radio and a speaker. Let’s take a look and see what this new iPod is all about. <a href="" target="new"></a> was nice enough to provide us with the <a href="" target="new">iPod Nano 8GB</a> to review, is a great place to find <a href="" target="new">cheap MP3 players</a>.


Apple iPod Nano 3rd Generation MP3 Player Review

MP3 Players have evolved a lot since they first burst on to the scene. Apple really surprised people with their <a href="" target="new">iPod MP3 Player</a> and it really took off. You can see why too, easy to use controls, smooth menus, and the ease of syncing everything through iTunes. Apple has such a hold on the MP3 player market many people don't ask if you have an MP3 player, they ask if you have an iPod. The iPod Nano is Apple's midrange model of iPod and today we are going to take a look at the 3rd generation model which was introduced in late 2007.

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