MSI Teasing New Mini-ITX Graphics Card

MSI is teasing a new Mini-ITX graphics card on its Facebook page. From what we’ve heard this is actually a new model from NVIDIA. So we will see this card from MSI as well as other vendors. Currently we do not know the name of this new model, what GPU it is based off of, or how fast it will be.


This new model will feature an existing GPU, so it is not going to be a new GPU launch. This means it could be anything from GP104 to GP107. The card shown in the background is the GTX 1070/1080 AERO card. So based on that we can guess that this new model will be based off the GP104 silicon. Did NVIDIA finally decide to make their own NANO?

This raises a lot of questions. Zotac did show us their GTX 1080 Mini at CES, so seeing an official GTX 1080 Nano from NVIDIA is completely possible!

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