AM4 Motherboards Surface For Pre-Order

It looks like online stores are preparing for the AMD Ryzen launch as well stocking up on AM4 motherboards. One online store has four ASUS AM4 motherboards listed with prices and an available date, which happens to be February 24th.


These boards were listed on Australian online store eyo, so the prices are in Australian Dollars. Because of that we need to account for the high prices of hardware sold in Australia + tax and exchange in your countries currency to give you an idea of the price.

So here are what the boards are listed at in Australian Dollar:

– Asus Crosshair VI Hero AM4 AMD X370: $380.63
– Asus Prime X370-PRO AM4 AMD X370: $245.85
– Asus Prime B350-PLUS AM4 AMD B350: $152.50
– Asus Prime B350M-A AM4 AMD B350: $128.70

And here are the boards converted to US / EU prices:

– Asus Crosshair VI Hero: $289 / €275
– Asus Prime X370-PRO: $189 / €175
– Asus Prime B350-PLUS: $119 / €110
– Asus Prime B350M-A: $99 / €93

Ryzen is turning out to be very affordable!

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