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NVIDIA Officially Announces The GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Graphics Card

NVIDIA has officially announced their brand new GeForce GTX 1070 Ti graphics card. This card will sit between the current GeForce GTX 1070 and GeForce GTX 1080 in terms of performance. The card is based off the same "GP104" silicon as those two cards. It features 2432 CUDA cores (128 fewer than the GTX 1080) and the TMU count is lower at 152 (out of 160).

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MSI Teasing New Mini-ITX Graphics Card

MSI is teasing a new Mini-ITX graphics card on its Facebook page. From what we've heard this is actually a new model from NVIDIA. So we will see this card from MSI as well as other vendors. Currently we do not know the name of this new model, what GPU it is based off of, or how fast it will be.

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Photos Of NVIDIA Pascal GP104 GPU Leaked

Over the weekend a couple of photos of NVIDIA's upcoming GP104 Pascal GPU were leaked. There is a super close up version and a second photo showing the surrounding memory etc. Let's start with the close up photo, looking at it compared to NVIDIA's "performance" Maxwell chips it looks like GM104 will be smaller than both. Calculations put the size of the die at 317 mm2.

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NVIDIA Could Launch 3 Pascal GP104-Based Cards In June

We have been hearing a lot about Pascal lately. Just yesterday we reported that the first Pascal graphics cards will arrive at Computex. We originally thought we would be seeing two cards. One to replace the GTX 980 and a second to replace the GTX 970. Well there actually might be a third Pascal-based card launching in June that will replace the GTX 980 Ti and will be based off the same GP104 silicon as the other two new Pascal cards.

NVIDIA GP104 Silicon
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NVIDIA Pascal GP104 Silicon Pictured

A photo of NVIDIA's upcoming performance-segment GPU based on the upcoming Pascal architecture, the GP104, has been leaked to the web. For starters we can see that the GP104 retains the traditional GPU layout that we are used to seeing with the GPU die sitting on a fiberglass substrate package and having memory chips surround it. This confirms that NVIDIA will be reserving HBM2 for the high-end GP100 silicon.

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NVIDIA’s Next Graphics Card Series Will Be The GeForce X80 Series

According to a new rumor floating around it looks like NVIDIA will be changing up the naming for their upcoming GeForce graphics cards. Most of us expected the GeForce GTX 1000 series (that's what comes after 900, of course), but apparently that has too many digits. NVIDIA will instead call its next-generation high-end graphics card series the GeForce X80 series. This series will be based on the performance-segment "GP104" and high-end "GP100" chips. The GeForce X80 series will be made up of the GeForce X80 (performance), GeForce X80 Ti (high-end), and GeForce X80 Titan (enthusiast).

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