Monday, July 16, 2018

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BitFenix NOVA
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BitFenix Announces the Nova Chassis – Budget Evolved

BitFenix announces the Nova chassis - budget evolved. Bitfenix Nova delivers style, performance and silence at an incredibly competitive price. Whether you plan to build a basic office, home or gaming system, Novas simplistic design, aluminum badge, color options and optional window side panel mean it will blend in perfectly.


Corsair Nova Series 128GB Solid State Drive Review

The Barefoot controller from Indilinx was all the rage last year, it was on many solid state drives we reviewed including the <a href="">Crucial M225</a> and both the <a href="">OCZ Vertex</a> and <a href="">Agility</a>.  It seems this year SandForce is getting a lot of attention, but don’t forget about the Barefoot controller.  Indilinx’s new Barefoot controller, called the Barefoot ECO allows drive manufactures to use the 32nm Intel NAND flash rather than the 40nm NAND we are used to seeing in other Indilinx-based drives.  Because of the smaller production process of the NAND chips this brings down the cost of the drive.  Today we will be taking a look at the 128GB Nova Series Solid State Drive from Corsair that is based on Barefoot ECO controller and is less expensive than other drives based on the older Barefoot controller.

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