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November 2009 in Review

This past month has been insane here at ThinkComputers. At the end of last month we of course redesigned the site and moved everything over to wordpress. At first things went well then our dedicated server completely crashed. So we decided to get new hosting through a company I will not name, but their services were not that good at all. As many of you know the site loaded very slow, sometimes pages would take 30 seconds to load! So after doing some research we decided to try out <a href="" target="new">The Rackspace Cloud</a>. And so far we are very impressed, the site load very fast and we have not had any issues at all. So after all of the moving servers and things like that it is finally getting back to normal here at ThinkComputers. We also had our biggest giveaway ever! At the bottom of this post I will list the winners who have replied to the e-mail t hey were sent. Finally if you were used to the old site you know we had news on the front page, although it is not on the front page anymore it is still on the site, you can take a look at it <a href="">here</a>. Out of the 17 reviews this month my favorite would have to be the <a href="" target="new">Intel Core i7 860 LGA 1156 Processor Review</a>. It was our first 1156 processor review and we were very excited to review a new processor from Intel.

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