Thursday, July 19, 2018

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NSA Now Wants ‘Front Door’ Access to Your PC

As revealed over the past year or so we know that the NSA has access to most users data, but that does not stop them from wanting more. NSA's chief Michael Rogers has now called for a "front door" encryption key that would provide the NSA with access to your data, but the key would be broken into multiple parts so that no one agency or person could easily get in.

NSA Hiding Backdoors in Hard Drive Firmware
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NSA Hiding Backdoors in Hard Drive Firmware

Cyber-security company Kaspersky Labs has just exposed a U.S. spying program. According to Kaspersky the NSA is making hard drive manufactures WD and Seagate embed backdoors straight into the hard drive firmware. This lets the NSA directly access raw data, agnostic of partition method (low-level format), file-system (high-level format), operating system, or even user access-level.

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NSA Requests Revealed by Tech Companies

Up until last week Google and other companies were barred for disclosing how many requests they were receiving from the National Security Agency and PRISM. This ban was lifted last week when the US Government settled a lawsuit with the tech industry. Now companies such as Google can list NSA requests in their Transparency Report, a semi-annual publication that shows how often governments collect information on its users.

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