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Toshiba OCZ VX500

Win An OCZ VX500 512GB Solid State Drive!

We are back with another contest! This time we are teaming up with our friends from OCZ to give away one of their brand new VX500 Solid State Drives! These drives offer great speed, are extremely reliable, and come with a 5-year warranty! We have one (1) 512GB solid state drive to give away to one lucky person! We will be running this contest on Facebook and it really is quite simple to enter! See the instructions below on how you can enter! A big thanks to OCZ for providing the VX500 for us to give away!


ThinkComputers Podcast #80

In this episode of our weekly tech podcast we talk about our reviews of the Toshiba OCZ VX500 SSD, Tt eSPORTS Level 10M Advanced mouse, more GTX 1050 Ti leaks, two new case releases, and Western Digital's first consumer solid state drives.

Toshiba OCZ VX500

Toshiba OCZ VX500 512GB Solid State Drive Review

Today we have a new OCZ solid state drive that fits right in the mainstream with that of Crucial's MX300 and Samsung's EVO series in terms of both price and performance. The VX500 is made to replace OCZ's Vector 180 and is made up completely of Toshiba parts with Toshiba's TC358790 controller and Toshiba-made 15nm MLC NAND. It is actually quite interesting to see a MLC-based solid state drive come out now with many companies opting for the less expensive TLC NAND. In any case the OCZ VX500 boasts sequential read and write speeds speeds of 550 MB/s and 510 MB/s respectively and is backed by OCZ's impressive 5-year Shield Plus warranty. Can this new SSD compete with other lower-cost drives out there? Read on as we find out!

OCZ Trion 150 480GB Solid State Drive

OCZ Trion 150 480GB Solid State Drive Review

Back in January at CES OCZ introduced their Trion 150 solid state drive and now the drives are finally making it to market. OCZ’s Trion line of solid state drives are aimed at consumers who are looking for an affordable solution to upgrade their hard drives in their PC or laptop. The Trion 150 is of course the successor to the Trion 100, which we took a look at this past year. The Trion 150 features a rather mysterious Toshiba controller which is backed up by Toshiba 15nm TLC NAND. OCZ will be offering this drive in 120GB, 240GB, 480GB, and 960GB versions. Today we will be taking a look at the 480GB which features max read and write speeds of 550 MB/s and 530 MB/s respectively. Let’s get this drive in our test system and see what it can do!

OCZ Trion 150
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OCZ Announces Trion 150 Series Solid State Drive

Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc., a committed technology leader, announces the availability of the new Trion 150 SSD series, an affordable performance upgrade for mainstream notebooks and desktops. Built with the Toshiba's 15 nm Triple-Level Cell (TLC) NAND flash technology from Toshiba, the Trion 150 series continues to deliver the superior balance of reliability, endurance and value of its predecessor, Trion 100, with increased real world performance.

OCZ Trion 100 480GB Solid State Drive

OCZ Trion 100 480GB Solid State Drive Review

The solid state drive market is a extremely competitive right now. We’ve seen many low-cost drives that have great performance and features. OCZ has recently launched their Trion 100 series of solid state drives ranging from 120 GB - 980 GB capacities. This drive is the first from OCZ that uses all of 100% Toshiba IP. Other OCZ drives since Toshiba’s acquisition have made us of Toshiba NAND, but the Trion 100 also uses Toshiba’s new controller. You could call this a Toshiba drive that is branded OCZ as Toshiba really does not sell consumer-based drives. The 480 GB version of the Trion 100 that we are reviewing today has sequential read and write speeds of 550 MB/s and 530 MB/s respectively. Since this is an OCZ drive you also get a 3-year ShieldPlus warranty. Let’s check out this drive and see what it can do!

OCZ Vector 180 480GB Solid State Drive

OCZ Vector 180 480GB Solid State Drive Review

OCZ has sent us their latest 2.5-inch solid state drive, the Vector 180. This new drive still uses the aging Barefoot 3 controller, but OCZ has teamed it with the latest Toshiba A19nm MLC NAND. This drive is all about reliability and features OCZ’s implementation of power loss protection, which they are calling Power Failure Management Plus (PFM+). PFM+ is not full power loss protection, but will protect data-at-rest. So PFM+ will protect data that has been already been written to the NAND. This helps protect the mapping table and reduces the risk of ‘bricking’ the drive. The 480GB version of the drive that we are reviewing today has sequential read and write speeds of 550 MB/s and 530 MB/s respectively. OCZ also backs this drive with their new ShieldPlus 5-year warranty. Let’s take a look!

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