Monday, July 16, 2018

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Microsoft Office 2019 Will Only Run On Windows 10

We told you about the new Windows customer SKUs yesterday that Microsoft intends to implement later this year, but it seems the changes keep on coming. Microsoft has just officially announced that Office 2019 will only work on machines with Windows 10 and the next LTSC release of Windows Server. This is of course to another effort to force Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users to upgrade to 10.

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Man Creates World’s Largest Nerf Gun!

Nerf guns are great! No only as a child, but they make for some great office wars! We always have a few Nerf guns laying around the office. Well this Nerf gun is a little too big for the office! Mark Rober has created the world's largest Nerf gun and it is beyond awesome!

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Acer Introduces the Veriton N4630G Mini PC

If you work in a tight area or you just like to have a very uncluttered desk for working at home or the Office Acer has the System for you.. Its a very small unit with all the power you need for IT professionals at the office that need the space for other things or from home for that work at home mom or dad that need to keep everything neat and clean.


A Look at the New ThinkComputers Office

Running ThinkComputers is a full time job and sometimes it is hard to do that job when you are not very comfortable sitting at your computer every day. If you didn't know ThinkComputers is mainly based in Pittsburgh, PA and I run the website out of my house. I have turned the extra bedroom into an office for ThinkComputers. When I first moved in I had the room setup a completely different way than what it is now. Originally I had the 2 desks separated, one in each corner of the room. This really did not work at all, things just became too cramped and my desk was really cluttered. Read on to see what the new office looks like!

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