Friday, July 20, 2018

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Razer Releases Orbweaver Stealth Edition FPS Keypad

Razer has just released the Orbweaver Stealth Edition FPS gamepad, which is a quieter variant or its original Orbwear FPS gamepad. This gamepad is made for gamers who wish to have a bulky set of keys alongside their keyboard. This new version features quieter mechanical key switches which have a 45 g actuation force and 2mm key-travel.


CES 2013: Razer

Every large press event Razer seems to make a point to launch a new spectacular product. CES 2013 they decided to launch a few... Products ranging from revamped PC input devices, to console controllers to the "Only True Gaming Tablet” on the Market make the Razer booth a must see. Razer as a brand is revolving around products styles that are built on the a quality backbone. Designed by gamers for gamers in a moniker that at CES could never be truer.

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