Thursday, July 19, 2018

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AeroCool Touch 1000 LCD Controller and Panel Review

We got a chance to look at the AeroCool Touch 2000 Dual Bay LCD Panel back in August, but today we have the opportunity to look at the single bay version, the Touch 1000, panel which still displays four temperatures and controllers up to four fans. The AeroCool Touch 1000 offers an easy to use, colored touch panel LCD for quick adjustments and fast displays. Read on further to see how well it compares with the Touch 2000.


AeroCool CoolPanel 3 Color LCD Multi-Function Panel Review

Today we have the opportunity to review the third series of AeroCool CoolPanel card readers; the CoolPanel 3. With a sleek black design and color LCD display it is sure to make most any case out there. This multi-function panel gives its user the ability to view sound levels, three selected temperatures and view three fan speeds. In addition to these great features the panel offers two USB ports, an eSATA port, HD audio jacks and a 56-in-1 card reader. Read on further to see what else is inside.

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