AeroCool CoolPanel 3 Color LCD Multi-Function Panel Review

Today we have the opportunity to review the third series of AeroCool CoolPanel card readers; the CoolPanel 3. With a sleek black design and color LCD display it is sure to make most any case out there. This multi-function panel gives its user the ability to view sound levels, three selected temperatures and view three fan speeds. In addition to these great features the panel offers two USB ports, an eSATA port, HD audio jacks and a 56-in-1 card reader. Read on further to see what else is inside.

– Multi-functional panel
– Include 2 x USB ports, 1 x e-SATA port, 56 in 1 card reader, Audio and Mic
– Color LCD fan controller which detects and controls 3 sets of fan speeds and temperatures
– Automatic fan control only
– Manual setting for alarm temperature
– Switch b/w Celsius and Fahrenheit
– Alarm temperature warning

Dimension: 148.6 (W) x 42.8 (H) x 65 (D) mm
LCD viewable area: 65 (W) x 15 (H) mm
Ports: USB 2.0 x 2, e-SATA x 1, 56 in 1 card reader, Mic & Headphone
Connectors: 3-pin 3 wires fan required

56 in 1 card reader
CF Slot:
CF-Type I, CF-Type II, CF-Ultra II, HS CF,
Micro Drive, CF-Pro, CF-Pro II, CF-Extreme, CF-Extreme III,
CF-PSP II, CF-Super, CF-Ultra X
MS Slot:
MS, MS-Magic Gate, MS-PRO Magic Gate,
HS-MS-PRO Magic Gate, MS-DUO, MS-DUO Magic Gate,
MS-PRO Duo-Gaming
SD Slot:
SD, SDC, SD-Pro, SD-Pleomax, SD-Pro C,
SD-Ultra, SD-Ultra II, SD-Ultra II Plus, SD-Extreme III,
SD-Ultra X, SD-Turbo, SD-Super, SD-Max, Mini SD,
Mini SD-Pro, Mini SD-Pleomax.MMC, MMC-Pleomax,
MMC Pro, HS-MMC, MMC Plus, MMC-Plus Turbo, RS MMC,
RS MMC-Pleomax, RS MMC-Speed,RS MMC-Max,
MMC Mobile, MMC Mobile-ProC, MMC Mobile-Pocketnet,
Micro SD, SDHC
SM Slot:
XD READY, XD (M), XD (H), Smart Media

The AeroCool CoolPanel 3 comes packaged in quite a small container. The product features cover the front of the box along with an image of the product and the product name. The two smaller sides explain the features in seven different languages while one of the longer sides lists the supported card slots. The back of the box gives a great overview of the parts of the device and even lists the short list of specifications.

AeroCool CoolPanel 3 Color LCD Multi-Function Panel AeroCool CoolPanel 3 Color LCD Multi-Function Panel

Once the flip top lid is opened the manual, driver CD and card reader are shown. All of the necessary cables are found underneath the cardboard insert.

AeroCool CoolPanel 3 Color LCD Multi-Function Panel AeroCool CoolPanel 3 Color LCD Multi-Function Panel